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In the real world…

When I first became a PA I was shocked by how little was understood by many people about the role of a PA and the way we work.  In particular about how we are actually employed.

I remember the website of the agency that I worked with at the time clearly saying, in their section aimed at service users, that they had tried to get PAs to work on a self-employed basis, but that HMRC had said no.  Yes, they really did think that was a bad thing!

For my own part, I work with some families who can barely manage their own money, let alone all the obligations that come along with them being my employer.  That, though, is something that will have to wait for another post.

This month’s little problem has been that, for the past few weeks, I’ve not been able to get out and about as I have managed to break my ankle (not an experience I would recommend!).  Obviously this has meant that I have had to take some time off work.  Although I’ve still been paid sick-pay - at the full rate, thank you guys - what that has meant is that not only have my service users not had me to work with them, they’ve also not been able to get anyone to cover for me… after all if they’re still paying my sick-pay how can they pay anyone else?

Fortunately, because of the particular needs of the service users I work with they have been able to manager, but it has meant that Social Care in our Local Authority have had to provide carers and respite provision that they would not have needed to provide if the system were set up so that this didn’t happen.  This obviously places an extra burden on our already overworked LA colleagues and, just as important in the present climate, on their budget.

Food for thought perhaps…

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