Two of the most rewarding years of work I have ever done

When I was asked to write this blog, there were a massive number of different topics and issues that came to mind about which I could have written.  The only problem being, they would all have been about problems, about the negative side of being a PA, which is a job that I love. 

So, I thought that I should write about something a little more positive; and here goes:

No-one can possibly argue that being a PA is a remotely glamorous job.  Like (I imagine) most other PAs I think I am underpaid, often undervalued (by many, many people) and usually under-thanked for what I do.  I also think that what I do is extraordinary.

 I think that ‘We’ as PAs, are extraordinary.

Despite all of the things I think about pay, working conditions, health & welfare, employment rights… and too many other problems to mention PAs like you and me play a huge role in supporting vulnerable people in our communities.  As PAs we have no motivation other than working to support the service users that employ us, and that is where we stand apart from profit making companies.

When I became a PA almost two years ago, I did so out of a desire to do something that would allow me to make a bigger difference to the lives of young people (all the service users I work with are children and young people) than I had been able to do working in education.  I walked into a role for which, to begin with, I had no training or experience, and with little idea of what to expect. 

Since then have followed two of the most rewarding years of work I have ever done, and I can only hope that this online community, and the other work being done by the UNISON team will help to ensure that every PA can have the amazingly positive experience that I have had myself.


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