Building an online community

This site is about building an online community of Personal Assistants.

  • UNISON acknowledge that this kind of work can be isolating.
  • The site is designed to provide information and guidance on issues that face Personal Assistants.
  • UNISON want to offer Personal Assistants the chance to share ideas and best practice.
  • As a member of the online community you will be invited to join UNISON and take full advantage of all the union has to offer.
  • The site will offer links to other organisations that offer support and information for Personal Assistants.
  •  This site will keep you updated on policy changes and new legislation that affect Personal Assistants.

Sharing best practice and experiences

  • Share ideas through the e-forum
  • Ask or give advice on certain situations
  • Talk about the type of role a PA maybe tasked with

Training and development

  • By joining UNISON you will have access free of charge to bespoke training for Personal Assistants.
  • Training on moving and handling, basic food hygiene, first aid, safe guarding and rights at work for Personal Assistants.
  • Also more bespoke training such as care planning and dementia and palliative care.
  • UNISON will make provision for your employer to attend the sessions with you so that they do not have to pay for another Personal Assistant while you are training.


  • Campaign for the living wage
  • Disabled people experience discrimination at work. UNISON challenges discriminatory actions and campaigns for a fair deal for disabled members. UNISON supports the Social Model of Disability. We believe it is the way society organises that creates barriers to inclusion and prevents disabled people from taking an equal part in life. As a union we campaign on important issues such as:
  1. Inaccessible workplaces
  2. Information systems that don't include disabled people's access needs
  3. Negative attitudes and prejudices from employers

UNISON's priorities on disability are led by the union's own disabled members. Our union is committed to taking on the issues from those who know them best.

  • Campaign for mandatory qualifications for Personal Assistants, and for Local Authorities to hold registers of qualified Personal Assistants.

So why not join our community now.

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