A Unique Employment relationship

The relationship between a PA and their employer is likely to be a more intimate personal relationship than that of employer employee in most other workplaces. PAs may provide intimate physical support, support in bathing and dressing. Rather than an impersonal workspace , this will be taking place not in a neautral space but in the employers home. Employers may see their PAs as friends, companions and confidantes as well as employees.

In some cases, particularly where care needs are highly complex and round the clock PAs are needed, the job of the employer is more akin to running a small business. For someone who is educated or has had previous experience in the job market including running a small business this is challenging but not impossible. For many, however, the task will seem overwhelming. Taking on the responsibility of being an employer needs therefore to be an informed choice.

Where a decision has been well thought out, things can work well, it can mean a disabled person has more choice, freedom and independance, for example an elderly person can often remain in the familiar surroundings of their own home and a disabled person maybe able to work or study. But what happens when things go wrong and PAs or their employers are faced with a situation where both parties lack the skills or knowledge to deal with them?

We are developing a new conflict avoidnace course, keep an eye out on the website for the dates.

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